Frequently Asked Questions

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General questions

Most employers allow for participation after a stated probationary period.

Coverage ceases upon resignation but the insurer can allow for conversion to an individual plan with applicable conditions.

The employer can enjoy tax shelter for premiums paid as well as the peace of mind that comes with the provision of such staff benefits.

One or more beneficiaries can be named on the policy.

Spouse and children of the subscriber can be placed as dependents.

In group insurance all eligible employees are required to be added to the plan where the employer contributes 100% of the premiums. In cases where the employee contributes a portion of the premiums, the participation requirement is usually 75%.

The employer is not obliged to provide all plans available but could begin with what is considered most important with the option to add to the program overtime.

There is no limit as to the amount of dependents, provided that children are within the stated definition as prescribe by law.

A plan of insurance can be purchased directly from the insurer but it is a wise choice to have your Broker select the best option selected from the market so as to meet the needs of the client.