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A broker provides comparative analysis of the entire market as opposed to going to a single Insurance Company and only accessing their terms. As a broker, CAB provides specialized service to all its clients including serving as the intermediary agent between the client and the Insurance Company.

Discounts are earned on motor vehicle policies each year once there are no accidents. Discounts are negotiated on other policies at renewal depending on the claim history and the number of policies that are insured.

No. The discount is earned by the Insured and the vehicle, however, it can be transferred to another vehicle owned by the Insured.

The primary insured ONLY

The excess, also referred to as the deductible is the portion of the Sum Insured that the client is responsible for in the event of a claim, as such the settlement will be made less this amount.

Your policy allows thirty (30) days within which to report an accident, however, the Police ask that you report to them within a 24 hour period.

  • estimate of repairs
  • motor accident report form
  • drivers licence for the person operating the vehicle at the material time
  • Motor Vehicle Registration
  • Certificate of Fitness

No. While it would be helpful to have a valuation, several factors can be used to determine the replacement value of your house.

It is recommended that one be done annually as motor vehicles, unlike real estate, consistently depreciates with each passing year.

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Yes. The other 50% of the premium will become immediately due and payable.