Documents required when submitting a Death Claim

  1. Policy Contract
  2. Indemnity for lost policy (to be presented of policy contract is lost)
  3. Claimant Statement (Death Claim)
  4. Claim Discharge Form (to be signed by the beneficiary(ies)/trustee(s)/Executor(s) and signature(s) witness as instructed on the form)
  5. Certificate of Death showing cause of Death (must be stamped by Doctor/Hospital where death was pronounced)
  6. Proof of Age (Birth Certificate/Passport)
  7. Police Report (where death occurred in circumstances e.g Drowning, suicide, and in all cases where AD&D;/DI is applicable)
  8. Copy of Beneficiary’s/Trustee’s/Executor’s Identification (Passport/Driver’s License/Electoral)
Note: There may be other requirements depending on various circumstances.