Local Individual Products

Life Insurance and Investments

Being a responsible adult means making sure loved ones who depend on you are financially safeguarded if you unexpectedly leave them behind. The way you provide that protection is with life insurance. On the other hand should you live to retirement and beyond you will need that nest egg to ensure financial independence. Life insurance investments provide that opportunity. In addition, the equity values provide opportunities for investments along the way. So whether you live, die or quit, life insurance provides for all three eventualities.  Contact one of our well trained advisors for a free no obligation insurance checkup.

Critical Illness

Critical illnesses are striking more Jamaicans every single year. In fact 1 in every 10 Jamaican men will develop prostate cancer. Heart attacks and other critical illnesses are on the rise too.  The financial consequences of surviving a critical illness are something few people are prepared for, because while you are undergoing treatment or recovering for an extended period of time, you will still have to pay your Insurance premiums, rent or mortgage, credit card bills, school tuition, real estate taxes, food and utilities. This specialized insurance provides a lump-sum, tax-free payment should a policyholder suffer from certain specific critical conditions. Contact one of our well trained Advisors to explain our plans covering from 9 to 7 critical illnesses.

Individual Health

An insurance policy that can be offered to an individual and his or her dependents to provide payments for medical necessities through a listed provider or by way of a pay and claim back basis. The policy is an annual renewable contract that is offered by one of our life and health insurance company and is designed to provide excellent coverage.

Individual Retirement Accounts

IRA as it is commonly called provides a self- employed or employed individual who is not a part of a formal group pension scheme, to place up to 20% of salary into a pension plan for the sole purpose of providing a pension at normal pension age. The scheme is managed by a life insurance company and is regulated by the financial regulatory authority.


Having insurance, means transferring risks onto the shoulders of a company that is in a better financial picture than ourselves, thus giving us a peace of mind.