Group Health

Group Health provides payment for a wide range of medical services through a network of providers Island- wide as well as payment for emergency and none emergency services overseas.

Group Life

Group Life include benefits for death and dismemberment at limits based on salary or a fixed sum

Group Personal Accident

Group Personal Accident offers income replacement as a result of disability and pays for benefits for death, dismemberment and permanent disability on the basis of an employee’s salary.

Group Pension

Group Pension is designed to provide a monthly payment upon retirement of an employee. There are various ways used to accumulate the sum of money required to make this monthly payment but by and large both employee’s and employer’s contributions are important to meeting this requirement.


While all employee benefits can be accessed on an individual basis, there are three important factors to be taken into consideration. The cost of group insurance is usually at a lower cost than individual insurance. Additionally the process of application is less stringent and the employee further benefits from the premium contribution of the employer making access to insurance more affordable than individual insurance.