Health care systems around the world are not free, and treatments at private hospitals or facilities can end up costing thousands to millions of dollars.

The International Insurance Division provides international insurance options in the areas of health, life, disability and travel insurance. With a suite of products designed for individuals as well as groups, we take pride in offering our clients global peace of mind supported by strategic partnerships both locally and overseas.

International Insurance Plan options

Start by selecting a medical insurance plan that works for you

International Health Insurance

International Health Insurance denoted in USD currency provides health insurance coverage with options to manage your medical expenses, both locally and overseas. Allow us the opportunity to find the most suitable product for you offering coverage with a multitude of benefits including: emergency air ambulance, office visits, surgical procedures, organ transplant, maternity care, mental care, hospital expenses, rehabilitation, dental & optical care as well as the treatment of on-going or chronic conditions.

International Life Insurance

International Life Insurance includes Term and Universal Life Insurance coverage options in USD currency. With such uncertainty in the global landscape, Life Insurance benefits can replace loss of income, pay off debts or fund your children’s education. The cash accumulation value can be used to help fund retirement or provide temporary loans for emergency cash needs.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance provides cover for emergency medical treatment while you are in another country for periods as little as five (5) days up to a year. With multiple coverage options, travel insurance may also include coverage for travel delay, lost luggage as well as trip cancellation.

Special Risks

These plans provide coverage to protect insureds in the event of loss of income from a disability, critical illness, accidental death and dismemberment, kidnap and ransom as well as business travel. 

**Some plans offered in this Division are underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyds of London. Other plans are however sought through international partners, which may require approval by local regulators prior to placement of the business.

How to make a Claim

International Life Insurance

  • When submitting a death claim, a Death Certificate will be required to confirm the cause and manner of death.
  • In the case of a homicide, additional information may be required such as a Police Report.

Assured Travel Insurance

  • Provide itemized medical receipts – Forward copies of receipts to CAB’s Claims Department for processing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. What are the methods of payment?

  • Credit Card
  • Bank Draft
  • Cheque
  • Wire Transfer

Q2. If my policy becomes lapsed, can it be reinstated?

Policies that are lapsed or terminated may be reinstated. The premiums charged will be at the current date of reinstatement. Completion of a Reinstatement Form and the corresponding Premium Payment will be required.

Q3. Where should I visit to have the requisite medical tests done for those plans that require medical underwriting?

Dr. Charmian Webb

Medical Associates
18 Tangerine Place
Kingston 10

Q4. Can I request withdrawal of cash from my policy?

Yes, however this is only applicable to those policies that have an accumulated cash value.

Q6. How is payment made for Assured Travel?

Credit card payment is accepted. Once the emailed quotation is submitted, enrollees have the option to enter their credit card information, once they select the coverage amount and deductible of choice.

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