Employee Benefits Insurance empowers employers to provide their staff members with additional employment benefits which can enhance the employees’ quality of life as well as attract and retain valued workers.

Partnering with our local insurers of health, life, disability and pension, we provide a wide range of benefits for employees to include group health, group life, group personal accident and group pension.

We seek to ensure peace of mind for employees and their families who for the most part will look to their employer in times of an unfortunate incidence. Group plans are also available for entities such as churches, schools and families (such as the Family Indemnity Plan).

Employee Benefits

Employer Sponsored Group Health Plan

This plan provides health insurance for employees and is paid for by the employer, either in whole or in part. 

Group Health provides payment for a wide range of medical services through a network of providers Island-wide as well as payment for emergency and non-emergency services overseas.

Employer Sponsored Group Life

This plan provides for life insurance, accidental death & dismemberment coverage, and is paid for by the employer in whole or in part. 

Employer Sponsored Group Personal Accident Plan

Group Personal Accident offers income replacement as a result of disability and pays for benefits for death, dismemberment and permanent disability on the basis of an employee’s salary.

Group Pension Plan

Group Pension is designed to provide a monthly payment upon retirement of an employee. There are various ways used to accumulate the sum of money required to make this monthly payment. Generally, this type of plan allows for both employer and employee to contribute at least 5% of an employee’s salary towards pension provision when an employee retires.

Voluntary Group Life, Health & Disability Plan

These plans allow for the provision of Health, Life and Personal Accident Insurance, which is paid for totally by the participating member of an organization or employee of a company. 


This is an insurance package designed for church members between the ages of sixteen (16) and seventy-five (75) years. Churchmate provides affordable coverage benefits in the event of accidental injury resulting in medical expenses and dismemberment or death. This plan is underwritten by Sagicor Life Jamaica Limited.

School Companion

School Companion is a health plan which provides coverage for medical expenses for students of approved educational institutions in Jamaica. All full-time students, up to age twenty-one (21), are eligible. This plan is underwritten by Sagicor Life Jamaica Limited.

School Personal Accident/Life

This plan provides Personal Accident coverage for students and employees between ages of one (1) and sixty-nine (69) years who are at an Educational Institution. The plan provides coverage in the event of accidental injury which results in medical and dental expenses, broken lens of prescription eyeglasses, dismemberment or death. The plan is Underwritten by Sagicor Life Jamaica Limited.

Gold Series Plan

The Gold Series Health Plan is a voluntary Group Health and Life Insurance Plan developed specifically for members of Credit Unions in Jamaica. Members can access healthcare with $6,000,000 Major Medical Coverage annually and Life Insurance coverage of $250,000 with an option to increase coverage up to $1,000,000. Entry age under this plan is 18 to 70 years. The plan is Underwritten by Sagicor Life Jamaica Limited.

Major Medical Plan

The Credit Union Major Medical Plan is a Group Health and Life Insurance Plan for Credit Union Members. The plan offers In-Patient Hospital Care only, with coverage of $6,000,000 annually and Life Insurance coverage of $250,000 with an option to increase coverage up to $1,000,000. Entry age under this plan is 18 to 70 years. The plan is Underwritten by Sagicor Life Jamaica Limited.

Family Indemnity Plan (FIP)

The Family Indemnity Plan is a group insurance plan that provides funeral expense coverage to members and eligible family members.

Each plan covers up to six eligible family members under one monthly premium. Coverage is applicable for:

  • Parents or In-laws (must be under age 76 years when the plan is taken out)
  • Unmarried children, up to 26 years*
  • Spouse, including common-law

This plan is underwritten by CUNA Caribbean Insurance Jamaica Limited.

**Plans offered in this Division are underwritten by locally registered life & health insurance companies.

How to make a Claim

Claim is make on the applicable form with appropriate attachments for the particular product as set out thereunder. Such claims can be sent through our company or directly to the insurer.

  • Group Health – Claim form from the provider must be completed and submitted within 90 days of service rendered with original receipts.
  • Group Life – Death & burial certificate
  • Group Personal Accident – respective forms in relation to the particular benefits

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. As an employee, how quickly can I participate in the company’s employee benefits program?

Most employers allow for participation after a stated probationary period.

Q2. What happens to my insurance coverage in the event I resign from the company?

Coverage ceases upon resignation but the insurer can allow for conversion to an individual plan with applicable conditions.

Q3. As an employer what benefit do we get for the provision of group insurance to our employees?

The employer can enjoy tax shelter for premiums paid as well as the peace of mind that comes with the provision of such staff benefits.

Q4. Can I name a beneficiary on my group life policy?

One or more beneficiaries can be named on the policy.

Q5. Who can I place as dependents on my health insurance coverage?

Spouse and children of the subscriber can be placed as dependents.

Q6. As an employer do I have to cover all my employees under such a program?

In group insurance all eligible employees are required to be added to the plan where the employer contributes 100% of the premiums. In cases where the employee contributes a portion of the premiums, the participation requirement is usually 75%.

Q7. Is the employer obliged to provide all four employee benefit options?

The employer is not obliged to provide all plans available but could begin with what is considered most important with the option to add to the program overtime.

Q8. How many dependents can be placed on the health plan?

There is no limit as to the amount of dependents, provided that children are within the stated definition as prescribe by law.

Q9. Can these plans be purchased directly from the insurance company?

A plan of insurance can be purchased directly from the insurer but it is a wise choice to have your Broker select the best option selected from the market so as to meet the needs of the client.

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