General Insurance Products

Property Insurance

These policies insure your assets against physical loss or damage from perils defined as Acts of God (wind, flood, earthquake, lightening), fire, riot, strike, civil commotion, malicious damage among others. Cover is also available for engineering exposures such as electrical surge, breakdown and other working accidents

Assets covered on these policies can include:

  • Residential Buildings
  • Commercial and Industrial Properties including Plant, Machinery and Equipment.
Liability Insurance

Business activities can result in claims by employees and third parties to pay compensation for incidents that result in death, injury, or damage to third party properties. Liability policies compensate employees and third parties where the business is legally responsible for the loss and/or damage. Other covers such as Directors & Officers Liability insurance, which provides indemnity to the company or the Directors for claims alleging wrongful acts, errors, misstatements, neglect or breach of duty are also offered. Claims can be made by Shareholders, Employees, Competitors, or Regulators to name a few

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professionals can be held legally liable for negligent acts, errors or omissions and made to provide compensation to the injured third party.
We offer liability insurance for several professional categories such as Doctors, Attorneys, Architects, Quantity Surveyors among others.
We arrange these covers through our International Partners and Local Insurance Companies


We offer a wide range of bond Insurance; from Bid Bonds to Performance Bonds as well as Guarantee Bonds for Warehouse Operators.

Marine, Aviation & Transporation Insurance

We can arrange cover for your Marine Cargo, Pleasure Crafts, small Commercial Aircrafts through our specialist International markets and/or local Insurers


Cover is available for all your private and commercial motor vehicles including large company fleets.


General Insurance is essentially the transfer of risk. The transfer of risk from policyholder to Insurer. With the transfer of risk comes peace of mind; preservation of wealth and extension of quality of life. For example, a business operation valued at $300,000,000.00 goes up in flames. It was insured, therefore the exposure of $300M was transferred from owner to Insurer, for this transfer, the owner paid a premium to the Insurer. The Insurer after thorough investigation indemnifies the Insured (replaces the business operation of $300M), thereby putting the Insured back in the position he was prior to the fire. The end result without Insurance would be a different scenario.