Loyalty Programme


The Caribbean Assurance Brokers Loyalty Programme is specially designed to give our loyal and treasured Customers value added service. With this Loyalty Programme, our Customers will be able to receive discounts and savings from any of our over 200 Health Care Providers and Merchant Partner locations island wide.

We are delighted to advise that we have upgraded our Loyalty Programme to transition
to our new mobile application, which is another first in the Insurance Brokerage industry in Jamaica!

Receive discounts at some of your favorite Merchants in the following categories:

Home and Garden, Spa, Hotel & Travel, Health & Wellness, Restaurants, Entertainment and Retail.

Receive discounts at select Healthcare Providers including:

Hospitals, Pharmacies, Dental Offices, Medical Labs, Doctors, Medical Specialists and General Practitioners.

Our Loyalty Programme customers will pay less out of pocket for products and services.

Join us in this new and exciting phase!

We want you to LOVE doing business with us!

CAB LOYALTY APP Video – 2021

How it works

How it works Steps

  • 1
    Download the CAB Loyalty App from Google Play Store.
  • 2
    Open the CAB Loyalty App and sign in using your email address and the PIN provided, which you should change in the App settings.
  • 3
    Search for and select the business name and location at which you would like to shop.
  • 4
    Once at a Provider/Merchant location, select the offer you want to redeem.
  • 5
    Request transaction amount for the service/product from the cashier/receptionist and enter the transaction amount into the App.
  • 6
    Scan the QR code displayed at a Merchant/Health Care Provider’s location to redeem your discount.
  • 7
    Congratulations, your discount has been applied!