The importance of HEALTH insurance

I REMEMBER thinking as a child growing up that I had a very healthy family. I never knew any close family member that died and my grandparents on both sides of our family were alive and very active. We had no family history of any type of major hereditary illnesses and I thought we were blessed indeed as I sympathized with those persons who had lost family members prematurely.

Then in 1992, my older brother, fresh out of UWI’s medical school and brimming with enthusiasm on his nascent career, started to exhibit behavior which was unusual (even for him). During his internship In Trinidad, we received reports that he was misplacing patient charts and that he was forgetting where he placed items, We decided to conduct an MRI to check out whether everything was really in order. He was diagnosed with an inoperable malignant brain tumour. My parents were devastated. Two years later my brother died.

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